Round 3 Release This Sunday
3rd Oct @ 12pm!

Wow! What an overwhelming response we had to our Round 2 release of our Handmade Facemasks!


I still cannot believe that we sold out within 2 hours of opening! Our next release is set to be another Biggy! We have added some new fabrics and have also added some DIY beaded kits and accessories to the online shop too.


I spent a very busy 2 weeks, day and night, cutting, sewing and creating all the 150 orders that were placed in round 2, and I want to thank all of you who ordered. I feel very lucky to have so many amazing followers and customers whom some have been here since Miller and Me began back in 2013, 8 years ago!


Thankyou to all who have been so patient waiting for our online store to re- open. I have been able to enjoy the school holidays with our kids (without the added pressure of remote learning) but I’m now ready to get back into it and onto the work bench to start sewing and creating again.

I love keeping so many of you looking super fab and stylish during these crazy times we are living in.


All you need to do now is decide which amazing fabric you’re going to choose, and it will be at your door step without you having to even leave the house. Too easy hey!

Click HERE to see a preview of all the available fabrics before the website opens this Sunday at Midday!

- Jessica xo

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